Wooden balcony in Kimry city

Wooden balcony in Tver area

At those early days when my interest for window frames was just dawning, it came to my mind that they only could not satisfy me and I started making photos of attic windows and whatever else was available.

By the way, their shooting is much more complicated procedure, as “point-blank” photo is just impossible. That was why all the photos were made at different angles: some from below and some  from a side.

One more thing was I could not understand what I would do with these heaps; now I have this website, and the Facebook with vk.com,  but then I could not tell why I needed them all.But these days it is so pleasing and interesting to reveal details like this small balcony and fashioned roof shield of a house from Kimry.

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Author: ivan_hafizov

Основатель виртуального музея резных наличников