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This page contaned all photos of Nalichniki.
I think that here we have a huge collection of photos of nalichniki in the world!

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green – it means that pictures available on this website;
yellow – it means that someone other (not me) has already photographed nalichniki and they are also available on this website.
white – it means that I’ve photographed nalichniki, but I have not had time to post the photos so far.

Note: By clicking on the picture – you can see nalichniki of the selected city, without leaving this page. Clicking on the name of the city (or on a label on the map above) – you will be redirected to the appropriate entry in the blog.

Vladimir oblast

Voronezh oblast

Zabaykalskiy krai

Ivanovo oblast

Irkutsk oblast

Kaluga oblast

Kemorovo oblast

Kostroma oblast

Krasnoyarsk krai

Moscow oblast

Nalichniki from Naro-Fominsk

Nizhniy Novgorod oblast

Novosibirsk oblast

Omsk oblast

Perm krai

Ryazan oblast

Samara oblast

Saratov oblast

Sverdlovsk oblast

Tambov oblast

Томская область

Tula oblast

Tumen oblast


Chelyabinsk oblast


Yaroslavl oblast


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