Plastic windows decorated with Wooden window frames


Plastic windows decorated with Wooden window frames A red-topped blue fence and yellow window frames against green walls. Is there anything else one may need for high spirits? Yes, there is – to me, it is a vent. T-shaped window sash is a rare thing nowadays, though it is a usual technique for any framed window. Yet, the vents are missed here. May be I am an incurable idealist yet I have a clear memory one can sleep with a vent open even in a bitter frost, but not with an open window (even a little). I thought they might just do not them any more, but Internet search had proved I was wrong. Which means it is just a matter of owners’ taste (and, perhaps, money) PS This wonderful mixture of colors is discovered in the Spas-Klepiki, Ryazan Oblast

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Author: ivan_hafizov

Основатель виртуального музея резных наличников