The route at Yaroslavl area

The route at Yaroslavl area

In early May, in search of more window frames, I plan a long trip to Yaroslavl Oblast. This will be the very first trip arranged solely thanks to your donations! Here, I publish only my minimum plan, as it is always better to feel happy when you go above it, than vice versa:))

Minimum plan covers 1.234 km and 12 places, while maximum one embraces 1.536 km and 17 places. I mean, if I will have time to visit the town of Gryazovets, Vologda Oblast, Kashin, Pistsovo, Teikovo and YurevPolsky, Tver, Ivanovo and Vladimir Oblasts, respectively.

Many thanks to everyone who helped my trip come true!


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Author: ivan_hafizov

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