Xmas time!

Traditional Russian nalichnik
A A Bunches of grapes isn’t a decoration that you could usually see at Russian houses, but I think it’s a decoration the easily understood
I wish your life would be full and remarkable, as this nalichnik from Poshehonie Yaroslavl region.

A pair of window frames in Kolomna

ТTraditional carved nalichniki in Kolomna
In Kolomna city, you can find some an incredible example of Russian nalichniki. For some reason (I don’t know why :)) I haven’t show you Kolomna’s nalichniki yet.
So these pair of window frames are hard to not notice. Logs are painted in yellow that you could rarely see in Russia. Also the decoration isn’t usual – columns at the both sides of window, I think we saw similar to decoration in Borisoglebsk – Voronez region  and in Kovrov city Vladimir’s region.

The scenery that wasn’t changed more than 200 years.

The view at Ryzan's KremlIn Ryzan you can find such a beautiful place, where guides wouldn’t take you. But that place is wonderful. This is an island.
“Island” – is a real island that surrounded by river “Trubez”. But also there a street named “Island” (“Ostrov” in Russian)
An Island is attractive cause of a great view at churches of Ryzan’s kreml. And at that place you can find scenery that wasn’t changed more than 200 years.
The houses are decorated with nalichniki that made in XIX century! The village still doesn’t have a lamppost!

Вид на Рязанский кремль с острова

A sample of modern carving from Kalyazin

A modern nalichnik in Kalyazin

Running opinion on modern window frames is that they are rather few and those existing miss any style or an individual manner. I totally agree they are few but I would not say they lack phantasy; no, they are much more intricate as compared to those made in the late XX century. Carvers may correct me, but, being an outsider, I can see they are trying to do their best to expose the wood: use only varnish and not paint; superimpose darker wooden elements over lighter ones, the method never used before. But it is strange that will all the modern tools at hand (especially those for saw-through carving), making of window frames is still rather an expensive business.

P.S. This sample of modern carving is from Kalyazin, Tver Oblast