The House of Europe in Irkutsk

The House of Europe in Irkutsk

Photos showing the façade of this house are rather frequent on the Internet, yet the ones of its rear are rather few! Though it seems to me this side, with its outdoor stairs and a gallery, is rather unusual for our climate, in fact , even more rare than any intricate carving!

This is Irkutsk –  The House of Europe, earlier known as The Merchant Shastin’s house built in 1907.

Twin windows are characteristic for Russian architecture

Triple windows with wider middle part and two more narrow ones at the sides

…Of special interestin terms of their composition and decoration are both twin windows typical of Russian national architecture and triple ones with wider middle part and two more narrow ones at the sides.  Placed among the single windows, they add apeculiar freshnessand picture squeness to the facades.

40 years ago this had been written in a book by a Soviet architect. I found one of them in Ivanovo (see a photo). To say the truth, photos like this one are rather few in my collection. Which means since then national architecture gradually has been losing windows of this type…

A carved house in Vyzniki city, Moscow region

A carved house in Vyzniki city

It is for sure any place has at least one house the locals would refer to as something unique.But then, it is nothing unusual that when you reach the place where the house should stand you learn it is twenty years since it has not been there.

Yet, the town of Vyazniki near Moscow has kept its treasure! It stands at the very outskirts, and in summer photographing is rather difficult due to thick rowan tree. Still, something can be seen

A nalichnik with a question


Once, when I showed this window frame from Kovrov, a person I was talking to has noted the frame had had four of these lugs and there were protruding parts in the middle. It is very probable as the edge of the frame is uneven and most of frames in the Vladimir Oblast in general and in the Kovrov in particular are rather well-balanced.

I tried to object then, as this one seems rather good, but every time I look at it keep thinking that person might be right

A comfortable fence


In my collection I’ve found an almost ideal garden fence.
I have to tell you that the fence for me as a photographer is a disaster; I wish people don’t have it at all. But I think if I were an owner of a house I would have at list little fence. In Russia a majority of, house owners have high and blind wall, but this one is something unique

A wooden-brick made house

A two-storied wooden-brick house


Hardly any other place but Novosibirsk can offer such a well-kept wooden-brick houses. Yet, to keep about thirty of them, the city had to live to see this three tens remaining: the rest gradually vanished from the face of earth. Many cities are following this way now…Moscow is already at the destination, Kazan is almost there, Samara is very close, but still has some chances, Ryazan, Irkutsk and Tomsk might be at the crossroads. Yes, it is good, as the houses that remain would please the eye for many years ahead. But then, I feel deeply sorry for the ones that are not destined to survive the changes

Morning with carved window frames from Kolomna

Carved decoration of windows at second floor of a stone made house in Kolomna
Today I found for you this stone made house from Kolomna city.
I want you to notice how, owners of this house, solved the problem with decoration of rounded windows, isn’t It beautiful? The top of nalichniki looks typical to Moscow or Yaroslavl regions, maybe it was brought from there, but it more likely that it were copied from a real old one.

I hope we would have more houses like this one.

Have a good week!