Decorated Windows in the Museum of the USSR (Novosibirsk)

Оконный наличник музея СССРA wooden house built before the Revolution of 1917, with windows and shutters decorated in the traditional style of Novosibirsk, hosts unusual Museum of the USSR.

The Soviet Union flag hangs on the wall, and a broken frame from this very house is under it.

I was watching and thinking: oh yes, it is the Museum of the USSR …:)))

Wooden Porch and Shuttered Frame (Kaluga)

Wooden Porch and Shuttered Frame

Few people ever think where the term “porch” comes from and what is the purpose of this element. Meanwhile, it is very curious.

Ivan Zabelin, famous Russian historian, wrote: “Porch added more irregularity to the façades of old –style royal residences. It stood in front of the palace, and its Russian name (kryltso) derived from krylo (wing) indicated it was a wing-like frontal part of the building…

In old-time way of life, a porch was much more than just an entrance. It was a special place for welcome ceremonies, where the etiquette of those early days was demonstrated… This is the reason why porch-making has evolved into an independent branch of building