A good news

A carved wooden house

I feel sorry if I don’t have enough time to post one more photo with a wooden house or a nalichniki. Even though I’d a reason why I couldn’t do it, I have a hard feeling. Cause I promised to myself to post, at list one time in a day, one photo with something interesting.
Now I present several news for you:)
First of all is a beatiful wooden house in Cherepovets city. I was surprised that almost all houses in a town were made from stone and only three-four from wood. This one survived because it was a house of USSR’s hero Ochelenkov Vladimir Nikolaevich.
The second news came from Vologda city, where was organised drive to raise funds to save Shahov’s house. 50 % of money was donated and it means that money will go to repair of this house. If you want to help you can go to this link
The third news is that Afisha.ru posted an interview with me about craucrowdfunding:) link

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