An attic window at a house in Lyubim

An attic window at one of wooden Russian houses in Lyubim city

After three towns of Vologda Oblast: Cherepovets (lacking any window frames), Vologda (painstaking search discovered only a handful of them) and Gryazovets (with its 1:20 proportion of window frames and planks), a return to Yaroslavl Oblast was like a gasp of fresh air.

A tiny town called Lyubim has many things to offer:

One terrific house built in 1899;

Two styles of window frames carving;

An old woman who told all her life in 5 minutes;

And much more in stock!

Vologda Oblast desperately lacks it all!

This picture shows an attic window at a house in Lyubim.

Now we are in Danilov, and tomorrow, the last day of our trip, will surely bring more adventures!

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Author: ivan_hafizov

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