Wooden house at wooden architecture museum in Kostroma

Wooden house at wooden architecture museum in Kostroma

Kostroma (and not only) has a place where 150-years old wooden houses are being cared, groomed and cherished. This place is Wooden Architecture Museum, Kostroma Settlement, to be precise

It stands at a spit where the Kostroma River falls into the Volga, near the St.Trinity Monastery of Ipatyevo. This house built in 1854 is a part of museum exposition. If you will ever happen to be in Kostroma, the place is a must-see. Not only it offers astonishing wooden buildings brought from all corners of the Kostroma Oblast, but the very atmosphere here is blissful: you move and think unhurriedly, and it feels like the time itself slows down …

Curious thing is that almost every wooden house, kept now with museums, was built by some team of carpenters. This one is no exception.

Yet habitable houses are mostly self-made. Either in a town or in a village, everybody assures his or her grandfather of grand-grandfather built it with his own hands.

Why is that?


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