Old carved window frames

Traditional Russhian nalichniki

An incised carving is much older than a saw-through carving. In olden times, this technique, or, rather, this particular style –geometric – frequently decorated spinning wheels, cradles, spoons and other pieces of household. There are few surviving window frames decorated in this technique. A funny thing happened to me in Alapayevsk, where I had taken the photo.

The place has very nice Cathedral Square with magnificent churches: after all, Alapayevsk is a gate to Siberia.

Local museum is also there. I enter and walk through its exposition. An aged woman, a museum custodian, first throws some curious looks to me, and after a while dares to address.

– You are not local, aren’t you? – begins she.

-Yes, I am.

– From Yekaterinburg?

-No, somewhat farther: from Moscow.

-Oh, that far!  – she exclaims and throws her hands up. –  Since 1984, no one has come here from Moscow!!!

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Author: ivan_hafizov

Основатель виртуального музея резных наличников